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The EVRYTHNG Platform is a cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for storing, sharing, and analyzing data generated by physical objects. The Platform gives a unique and permanent digital identity (also known as ADIs) to each individual object and allows authorized applications and users to access it via REST and Pub/Sub (MQTT) APIs.

This Developer Hub contains all the information developers need to build all kinds of integration with the Platform, from stock tracking systems, to connected device management applications. Visualisations in the EVRYTHNG Dashboard, analytics, conditional redirections, and the Reactor rules engine provide means to add intelligent behavior and features on top of your data to add value.

In addition to this Documentation section, you can also read our in-depth API Reference for all the API Details, and the Blog for news and announcements.

If you find anything amiss you can use the 'Suggest Edits' button on any page to suggest an amendment. Similarly, if you have any questions about our APIs or SDKs, feel free to contact us.

Tutorials and Walkthroughs

The walkthroughs in this section provide a good introduction to the platform - available for connected products (sensors, devices) and tagged products (physical objects with 1D/2D barcodes, NFC/RFID tags), as well as physical Web Beacons . The guides will take you through how to create your first Thngs and build simple applications to interact with them.

SDKs and Integrations

EVRYTHNG offers a number SDKs to speed up the implementation of client applications (e.g., JavaScript, Java, etc.), communicating with Thngs, as well as applications on embedded devices themselves (e.g., Marvell, FreeRTOS, Raspberry Pi, etc.). Check our REST API Libraries and Wrappers section to find out more about the platforms we supply libraries for.

In addition to our own SDKs, we also offer integrations with other IoT platforms and technologies, including Sigfox, Things Connected, and Nest.


The EVRYTHNG Dashboard is where you can create your EVRYTHNG account and manage your projects, applications, and other resources such as Thngs, products, redirections, rules, and more.

Read the Using the Dashboard section to learn more about using the Dashboard and all the features for data input and data visualisation it offers.

The EVRYTHNG Dashboard

The EVRYTHNG Dashboard

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