This page contains an overview of all official EVRYTHNG SDKs, tools, and other resources to best help developers find what they need to help them develop for the Platform.


  • evrythng.js - Javascript SDK for the browser and Node.js
  • scanthng.js - Plugin for evrythng.js that allows easy scanning of barcodes and identifying products and Thngs.
  • evrythng-pubsub.js - Plugin for evrythng.js that adds the ability to subscribe to resource updates using MQTT or WebSockets.
  • evrythng-java-sdk - Java SDK for backend integrations.
  • digital-link.js - SDK to easily create, validate, and compress GS1 Digital Link URIs.


  • evrythng-cli - Command Line Interface for easily making EVRYTHNG API requests and scripts.
  • CLI Plugins - List of available evrythng-cli plugins for accomplishing common tasks such as data loading, validation, and testing.
  • GS1 Digital Link Tools - Web app to create and validate GS1 Digital Link URIs.
  • evrythng-openapi-tools - Tools to work with OpenAPI specs, including splitting, joining, validation, and documentation generation.


  • OpenAPI spec - OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) API description specifications for the EVRYTHNG API.
  • Reactor Extensions - Reusable packaged Reactor scripts allowing easy extensions including notifications, automation, and blockchain integrations.
  • scanthng-example - Simple starter project for using scanthng.js.
  • dashboard-components-starter - Starter project and development environment for creating custom Dashboard widgets.

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