Changes to our MQTT broker

On April 29th 2022 we will implement 2 breaking changes to our pub/sub broker and support for fully connected devices:

Redirector Scoping

A new feature is being released that will allow relevant products, Thngs and actions to be scoped to the relevant project using Global Redirector Rules. When a Global redirector resolves to an application, the scan, and associated Thng and/or product will be scoped to the project that contains this application.

Adding Support for GS1 Digital Link Compression

Today we are enhancing the support for GS1 Digital Link resolution in the EVRYTHNG Platform by adding the ability to use compressed GS1 Digital Links, that are compressed using the algorithm described in the newest version of the standard. The benefits of compression include:

Follow user interactions with evrythng.js v5.5.0

A common use of actions and action types involves recording different types of user interaction with an app or web page. In such a use case, different action types are used to represent different types of interaction.

evrythng.js SDK v5.0.0 Released

The evrythng.js SDK, backbone of most of our AMPLIFY experiences, has received a major update to version 5.0.0!

Real-time Web Scanning with scanthng.js

Creating Custom Widgets Walkthrough Now Available

The EVRYTHNG Dashboard has quite a few options for customisation, from the account logo and high-level sections, to the layout of widgets on each dashboard page, and the fine-grained configuration each widget includes. But what if you need something a little more specialised? Developers have long had the ability to create entirely new Dashboard widgets from scratch as Angular Components, but its has not been too easy for Angular beginners and the uninitiated to get started.

New GS1 Digital Link Tools Available

After the recent launch of the integration in the EVRYTHNG Platform for the GS1 Digital Link standard, we have made available some brand new tools to help developers test, generate, verify, and generally try out the GS1 Digital Link standard for themselves.

Introducing the EVRYTHNG CLI

We have just released the first version of the EVRYTHNG CLI (Command Line Interface)! Similar to other products and systems you may already use (including Git, AWS, npm, etc.), the CLI is a tool that provides a structured, simplified interface to the API for developers to use when prototyping, querying, testing, and integrating with the EVRYTHNG Platform.

Using API Description at EVRYTHNG