Adding Support for GS1 Digital Link Compression

Today we are enhancing the support for GS1 Digital Link resolution in the EVRYTHNG Platform by adding the ability to use compressed GS1 Digital Links, that are compressed using the algorithm described in the newest version of the standard. The benefits of compression include:

  • A shorter URI length, promoting a less dense QR code on packaging.
  • A less dense QR code allows printing at a smaller size and maintaining readability.
  • If the QR code size is not reduced, lower density means readability is improved.

Note that not all readers will support compressed GS1 Digital Links currently, but if you are using only EVRYTHNG redirection via a GS1 Digital Link it will be fully supported.



This first support of GS1 Digital Link compression is a beta capability - we may make significant changes before the final version.

If you are interested in using this feature, please contact us!

## Creating Compressed GS1 Digital Links

EVRYTHNG provide the following methods to compress a regular GS1 Digital Link:

  • Using the interactive generator and verifies that includes one-click compression and decompression.
  • Using the digital-link.js SDK to perform compression in other programs and systems.

Using Compressed GS1 Digital Links

Once compressed, only one more step is required - using the special domain instead of The subdomain and path remain the same, allowing us to know when we should perform decompression. Therefore an example GS1 Digital Link:

is compressed to:

and finally translated to:

Any visitor using the last format will follow the reverse path to arrive at the original GS1 Digital Link, and then receive the correct redirection and experience. The QR code on the packaging should therefore encode the final version of the GS1 Digital Link URI - and be as least dense as possible.

Get Started

That's a quick summary of the new compression support for GS1 Digital Link URIs in the EVRYTHNG Platform. You can start using it today using the free tools mentioned at the top of the post, as well as utilise the redirections using any current EVRYTHNG account.

See the GS1 Digital Link Integration page for full details of how to use this feature.