Depending on the type of account you're using, EVRYTHNG provides different levels of support. See Response Timelines for details. If you see a bug in the platform or API, a typo on-screen or in this documentation, or any other problem, contact us.

Technical Support

You can contact us, request support, or provide other feedback using our Service Desk page.

When submitting a ticket, follow these guidelines:

  • Specify the details of your defect in English.
  • Include as much information about what you're trying to accomplish or the errors you see as possible. This will help us resolve the issue more quickly. Also, specify the impact of the issue.
  • Let us know the best contact person and when they're available.

Because we provide email support at no cost, it can't be used instead of training services for developers or business users of the Platform.

Service Status

We are working very hard to make sure our service are always up and running. However, as long as we rely on machines, downtimes and service degradation problems do sometimes happen.

You can check the status of our most important services on and we will announce planned outages and report on the @evrythngdev Twitter account.

Enterprise Inquiries

For sales or commercial support or if you are interested in features that are available only with an Enterprise subscription, contact us through our main website.


View the Platform Changelog for a log of new features, deprecations, etc. When necessary, more in-depth information is posted to our [developer blog] ( Also see our deprecation policy.