Enterprise feature in beta

This feature is only available to our Enterprise customers and is currently in beta. If you are interested in using this feature, please contact us.
This a beta capability - we may make significant changes before the final version.

EVRYTHNG offers an integration with Arianee in order to generate blockchain based transferable (ERC-721) digital certificates for each EVRYTHNG Active Digital Identity.

This works through the reactor-arianee Reactor script. Reactor scripts allow developers to run their custom scripts in response to common Product Cloud events such as when an Action is created. In this particular case, we will use a script that creates an Arianee certificate when a particular Action is created.

This page will walk you through the process of easily implementing this integration in your account. See the Reactor walkthrough for more information on how the Reactor feature works within the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud.

Setting up an Account

Log into your account and choose an existing project, or create a new one (called 'Arianee Project' for example) using the 'Create project' button at the top of the left-hand navigation:


Once the project has been created, go to the project's 'Applications' page and create a new Application (called ‘Arianee certificate creator’ for example) with the 'Add new' button in the top toolbar:


There are a few customFields to add to the application to make it work:

  • walletKey: The key of your wallet (e.g '0x00000...').
  • arianeeEnvironment: The Arianee environment (test to use the testnet or production to use the mainnet)
  • certificateURL: The URL of a hosted JSON that corresponds to the certificate you want to deliver. See the JSON certificate section to have an example.

We are now ready to install the Arianee Reactor script that powers the integration.

Installing the Reactor Script

The application will host the Reactor script that will send action data to the Arianee blockchain whenever a specific kind of Action is created. This script is available from the reactor-arianee GitHub repository and is written in such a way that it can be easily and simply added to any EVRYTHNG project with only minimal configuration. You just have to follow the instructions in the README.md file in the Github repository to deploy the script to your application.

Setting up Actions

The integration makes use of EVRYTHNG Actions to send and receive data from the Reactor script (and Arianee, by extension). An action of one kind will start the script, and another will be the output once the transaction has been added to the blockchain.

To set up these actions, go to the 'Action Types' page of the Dashboard while the correct project is selected in the navigation. Create two Action types:

  • _GenerateNFT which will be used to trigger the Reactor script.
  • _NFTGenerated which will contain the information of the certificate that the Reactor script created.

The reactor script is now ready to work.

Setting up the consumer workflow

EVRYTHNG also provides a web application that can be used to trigger the Reactor script and redirect the consumer to the Arianee application once the certificate is created. Thanks to this app, the consumer will be able to claim the certificate.

Start by creating a product to represent the type of product the user will scan.
Then, create a new THNG that corresponds to the product.

Once the THNG is created, you’ll need to set up a redirection. Select the application you created previously. Note that the redirect URL can be set to anything it will be overridden by another rule that we will configure later.


Then, we need to redirect the scan Actions to the application that we just created: Go to the Redirector tab in the EVRYTHNG dashboard and create a new rule. You’ll need to set a name and select the application that you have previously created.


Then, select your project and navigate to the Applications tab.


Select your Application, and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a Redirector section. Create a new rule: You will have to set a name to the rule, and a redirect URL. The redirect URL can be set as you wish, it corresponds to the Web experience a user will see when scanning the tag.


YOUR_API_KEY needs to be replaced by your Application API Key. You can get it at the top of the Application page:


The project is now set up, you can try to scan the THNG you previously created to generate an Arianee certificate.

Now that the integration is set up, all actions that are created in the scope of the chosen project with the appropriate custom fields will trigger the Reactor script and have their certificate created.

This provides another layer of proof of authenticity for physical products and eases the transfer of ownership of digital certificates thanks to the power of both the Arianee blockchain and the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud.