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This section of the documentation contains complete walkthroughs that will guide you to a good understanding of the basics of using the EVRYTHNG Platform for different use-cases and feature sets.

Start by reading these if you are new to using the Platform or are implementing a relevant type of solution.


  • Connected Devices - Start using the Platform to connect and manage connected devices as Thngs.

  • Consumer Engagement - Create an example consumer engagement use-case with an example product scanning web application.

  • Supply Chain - Implement a simple tagged products supply chain scenario for tracking a product's journey from factory to shop floor and end customer.

  • Reactor - Learn how to start using Reactor, including example use-cases and implementation patterns.

  • Redirector - Create a simple Redirector implementation to perform conditional redirections.

  • Postman API Walkthrough - Use Postman to perform some simple API interactions to get to know the Platform.