Usage Guidelines

Rules of Engagement

Our service is available to anyone. You get to use EVRYTHNG for free for your academic and personal projects. In exchange, we ask for your feedback on how you use our services, how they can be improved, what problems you encounter, and so on.

If your project becomes commercial, contact us to purchase a license. Your participation is subject to your acceptance of our terms of use and our license agreement. If you exceed your allocated number of requests, a rate limit will be enforced.

We require any applications and consumer products to access the EVRYTHNG Platform through only relevant APIs, provided as specified by EVRYTHNG. You must use authenticated calls to create and edit ADIs and associated content. Your products must connect to the EVRYTHNG Platform using clients, agents, or software code and protocols provided or permitted and supported by EVRYTHNG.

Fair Use

We do our best to provide a highly reliable, scalable, and fully resilient service. However, there are risks of temporary disruptions when usage moves beyond scope.

To provide a smooth experience to all our users, we place artificial limits on how the platform is to be used. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend accounts that systematically exceed these limits.

All free (trial) accounts are restricted to making 5000 API requests a day.

If you need more than what's offered, contact us to discuss how we can provide expanded resources to meet your needs.