Reactor Extensions

This page contains links to some example Reactor scripts and projects that can be quickly and easily deployed to support a common use-case. In each case, detailed instructions for installation and configuration are provided in each project's repository.

## Packaged Scripts

Packaged scripts are intended to simply be inserted into an application Reactor with minimal or no configuration changes. This list will grow over times as more packaged scripts are developed and added for use by developers.


  • reactor-origintrail - Certify created actions for product history using the OriginTrail protocol.

  • reactor-chainpoint - Implement blockchain verification of EVRYTHNG actions using the chainpoint protocol and the Tierion API.

  • reactor-iota - Use IOTA distributed ledger to store action data.


  • reactor-email - Send an email from a Google account in response to an action being created.

  • reactor-slack - Send messages to Slack using EVRYTHNG actions.

  • reactor-twilio - A packaged version of the Twilio example that can be found in the Reactor API documentation, allowing events and rules to drive sending SMS messages.


  • reactor-rules - Automate creation of actions and property updates on Thngs in response to other actions and property updates.

  • reactor-gsheet-add-row - Add a row to a Google Sheet spreadsheet each time an appropriate action is created.

  • reactor-screenly - Show and hide product information playlists on connected screens in response to product scans.

More Examples

You can find several example scripts (and script design patterns) by reading the Reactor walkthrough, especially in Example Script Patterns. These patterns are highly recommended as ways to write more maintainable, modular, and reliable Reactor scripts.