Changelog: Archive

This page contains an archive of non-exhaustive major developer-facing changes to the EVRYTHNG Platform, Dashboard, API, and SDKs from the start of 2017 through to September 2019. In addition to these, other minor updates and bug fixes are being continuously rolled out as they are completed, but are not all listed here - only feature changes are shown.

September 2019

Purchase Orders - 12/9/19

Add the Purchase Orders API for creation and management of purchase order resources, used in ADI orders.

August 2019

evrythng.js v5.5.0 - 30/8/19


  • Add adiOrder() resource to the Operator scope to allow working with ADI Orders
  • Add commissionState() to Thng resource to allow checking the Commissioning state.
  • Add stream() method to all resources to allow sequential iteration and updates.
  • Add ActionApp scope with pageVisited() and createAction() methods for easy instrumentation of web apps and pages using an Anonymous Application User.


  • Always return a native Error to work better with test frameworks and retry libraries etc. The EVRYTHNG Error can be obtained with JSON.stringify(err.message).

ADI Orders - 22/8/19

Add the ADI Orders API, allowing easier bulk creation of Thngs.

evrythng.js v5.4.0 - 7/8/19


  • The redirection() resource now allows nominating the short domain to use.
  • settings now includes defaultShortDomain to allow settings a default used for redirection() requests.


  • Better handle parts of the API that return non-standard empty response bodies.

July 2019

evrythng.js v5.3.0 - 29/7/19


  • Export Entity through the plugin API.
  • Add upload() method for uploading file data.
  • upsert() now works with name as well as an identifiers object where the resource supports filtering by name.


  • Add missing setIds() parameter setter for the ids query parameter.
  • Support referring to permissions bu name, for example: permission('global_read').

June 2019

evrythng-pubsub.js v1.0.0 - 11/6/19

Initial release - combines both evrythng-ws and evrythng-mqtt into one SDK.


  • Compatible with evrythng.js v5.1.0 and above.

scanthng.js v4.0.0 - 6/6/19

Breaking Changes

  • Callbacks removed in favor of returning Promises.


  • Compatible with evrythng.js v5.1.0 and above.


  • Pass options to scan() from scanStream() if necessary.
  • Improved results when a code is only a smaller part of a submitted image.

evrythng.js v5.2.0 - 6/6/19


  • Add rule resource to Operator and User scopes.

May 2019

evrythng.js v5.1.0 - 30/5/19


  • Add use() method for installing compatible SDK plugins, such as scanthng.js.

evrythng.js v5.0.0 - 23/5/19

Breaking Changes

If you are updating from a previous version, please see the Migration Guide.

  • evrythng-extended.js: evrythng-extended.js is no longer required as a separate dependency.
  • Browser global: The EVT browser global is now evrythng.
  • Scope names: The App and TrustedApp scopes are now Application and TrustedApplication.
  • User scope: Manual creation of a User scope using a pre-existing API key now only requires the key as a parameter.
  • $init: The $init promise property has been formalised as the init() method, and behaves the same way.
  • Request options: The authorization parameter for api() is now apiKey.
  • Iterators: The EVT.Utils.forEachAsync() and iterator() resource method is now pages(), and is an async generator.


  • Redirections: The thng() and product() resources now have a redirection() resource for managing redirections.
  • Accounts: Added a sharedAccount() resource with access() sub-resource for reading and updating accounts.
  • Domains: The sharedAccount() resource also includes shortDomain() and domain() resources for reading available short domains and domains.
  • Secret key: The application() resource now has a secretKey() resource for reading its Trusted Application API Key as an Operator.
  • Redirector: The Operator scope and application() resource now have a redirector() resource for reading and updating Redirector rules.
  • Resource aliases: The alias() method allows simple aliasing of existing resource types to better suit a use-case or environment, such as naming collections 'pallets'.
  • Parameter setters: Instead of creating a params object, chainable setters such as setPerPage() are available on most resources to easily build complex requests.
  • Resource methods: The rescope(), upsert(), and find() methods have been added to most resources to allow easier changing of project/user scopes, updating by key else creating, and finding by identifiers as common operations.

November 2018

scanthng.js v3.1.0 - 23/11/18

  • Support scanning from a video stream using getUserMedia() in addition to the existing photo-based method of scanning.
  • Note: evrythng-scan.js has been renamed to scanthng.js.

## October 2018

Dashboard v1.23.0 - 12/10/18

  • Add new Team Settings page for management of teams larger than 100 Operators.
  • Improve the account roles page to support searching by Operators by role and roles by name.

August 2018

Platform & Dashboard - 18/8/18

  • Add support for the GS1 Digital Link standard, allowing GS1 Application Identifiers and attributes to drive a redirection to EVRYTHNG Thngs and products. Read the GS1 Digital Link Integration page for more information.

Dashboard v1.21.0 - 23/8/18

  • Add social signup - it is now possible to sign up or sign in to the EVRYTHNG Dashboard using a Google account.

July 2018

### Dashboard v1.20.0 - 30/7/18

  • New streamlined signup experience for new accounts.

May 2018

Dashboard v1.19.4 - 24/5/18

  • Improve the appearance of the Reactor logs view.

### Places - 24/5/18

  • Places can now be filtered by name. For example, GET /places?filter=name%3DTest%20Place.

Dashboard v1.19.3 - 17/5/18

  • API keys are now hidden in the Dashboard, but can be copied to the clipboard using the provided modal.
  • Misc bugfixes and improvements.

Dashboard v1.19.2 - 10/5/18

  • Add a new evtx-month-toolbar that allows date selection from whole months.
  • Add ability to invite unregistered users to collaborate on an account.
  • Other fixes and improvements, including problems closing Thngs generated with a task.

April 2018

Dashboard v1.19.0 - 20/4/18

  • Add support for exporting dashboard pages as a JSON file, as well as the ability to import previously exported dashboards.
  • Widget Source URLs are no longer required when adding a new widgets to a dashboard page. Instead, each bundle that contains widgets can be specified in the 'Advanced settings' section of the dashboard configuration modal.
  • Add new options for dashboard layouts - Page and Column are now available in addition to Grid.
  • Grid size now goes up to 5.
  • Greatly improved initial and page loading performance.
  • Account domain is now shown in the 'Account Settings' page.
  • Numerous IE11 compatibility enhancements.
  • Several other bug fixes and minor UI improvements.

February 2018

### Dashboard v1.18.3 - 14/2/18

  • Added new 'Welcome' dashboard to help new users quickly begin loading their products into their account.
  • Added new description field for action types.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements.

January 2018

Dashboard v1.18.2 - 23/1/18

  • Added date range presets to choose from when viewing Dashboard widgets.
  • Various bug fixes and GUI improvements.

## December 2017

### Dashboard v1.18.1 - 14/12/17

  • New map style, zoom strategy, and removed horizontal mirroring of the world map.
  • Add support for bulk operations (copy, update, delete, add to project) on collection resources.
  • Add support for copying place resources and improved filtering.
  • Fixed a bug showing the wrong latest action for Application Users.
  • Bug fixes related to action types, places, item copying.

November 2017


  • Application Users can now share access to some resources with other Application Users in the same account. See the Share Access with Other Users section for more information.

Dashboard v1.18.0 - 22/11/17

  • Places can now be managed in the Dashboard. Add a new navigation item to show all places in an account, and provide a user interface to edit them, including an interactive map to choose coordinates.
  • Fix the Redirector 'location' autocomplete fields.
  • Other UI enhancements and bug fixes.

September 2017

Dashboard v1.17.0 - 29/9/17

  • Add new 'Actions by Country' widget.

Access - 11/9/17

  • Added new Schema and Role Policy APIs for Enterprise accounts, allowing the ability to apply JSON schema rules to some resources for Application Users. Read the Schemas and Role Policies page for a high-level overview.

August 2017

### Access - 22/8/17

  • Application User roles now have a basic set of permissions upon creation.
  • Application Users can now log in and view all their access information using the same credentials as before.
  • Role names (for both types) are no longer unique within an account.

### Dashboard v1.16.0 - 11/8/17

  • Add the ability to clone an account dashboard page for personal use as a user dashboard in the 'My Dashboards' section. Changes to these user dashboards are not reflected in the shared account version.
  • Selection of dashboard icons is now made easier with a type-ahead input field.

Dashboard v1.15.0 - 10/8/17

  • Fixed a bug causing Dashboard widgets to appear missing on page load.
  • Fixed a bug affecting cloning of widgets.
  • Fixed a bug causing a widget's legend to render incorrectly.

Cloud 2 Cloud - 7/8/17

  • Add new endpoint to allow use of existing OAuth tokens to speed up authentication process.

June 2017

Dashboard v1.14.0 - 28/6/17

  • Add action type filtering on actions list widget
  • Add Active Product Count widget

Dashboard v1.13.0 - 15/6/17

  • Add the ability to choose from multiple chart types for some of the default widgets. See Widgets for more details.

### Access - 6/6/17

  • The Trusted Application API Key may now modify its own application via /applications/me.
  • Release the next iteration of the Roles and Role Permissions API, including new Application User Roles. Read Roles and Roles and Permissions for more info.
  • An application now contains a defaultRole, the default Application User Role new users will be given for that application.

### Dashboard v1.12.0 - 6/6/17

  • Add new 'Application User Roles' section to allow management of Application User roles and their permissions.
  • Add a 'Create copy' button when selecting any Thngs, products, collections, or action types.

May 2017

### Reactor - 30/5/17

  • Decrease Reactor schedule minimum frequency to 2 minutes.

evrythng.js/evrythng-extended.js v4.5.0 - 24/5/17

  • Add Permission resource to Roles.

Dashboard v1.11.1 - 23/5/17

  • Added Thng Location widget.

Dashboard v1.11.0 - 23/5/17

  • Add Engagement widget.
  • Add new chart widget types.
  • Upgrade to Webpack 2.
  • Move action map and action list to a separate widget.
  • Fix batch task not being displayed when it did not include a product.

evrythng-java-sdk v1.33 - 17/5/17

  • Removed unsupported reaction types.
  • Fixed casting exception.
  • Added iterator support for action aliasing endpoints: /thngs/:thngId/actions, /products/:productId/actions and /collections/:collectionId/actions.

evrythng-marvell-sdk v2.6 - 3/5/17

  • Update to evrythng-c-library v1.4.

evrythng-freertos-sdk v1.1 - 3/5/17

  • Update to evrythng-c-library v1.4.

evrythng-c-library v1.4 - 3/5/17

  • Added exponential backoff with jitter while trying to connect.

April 2017

evrythng.js/evrythng-extended.js v4.4.0 - 3/4/17

  • Add Role resource in Operator and User scope.

March 2017

Pub/Sub Broker v1.34.1 - 31/3/17

  • If a client does not specify ?withScopes=true when subscribing to a topic it should not receive a scopes field in the payload message.

Pub/Sub Broker v1.34.0 - 31/3/17

  • Block MQTT clients from continuously attempting to subscribe to an empty topic.

evrythng-marvell-sdk v2.5 - 28/3/17

  • Update to evrythng-c-library v1.3.
  • Building tests now requires test configuration.
  • Added a makefile rule to reboot target.

evrythng-c-library v1.3 - 28/3/17

  • Added SUBACK return code check.

Dashboard v1.10.0 - 14/3/17

  • Add support for SAML SSO login.
  • Updated Dashboard management with sections and grids.
  • Updated widget templates.
  • Use Files API to retrieve widget components.
  • Allow copying dashboard configurations.
  • Add usage metrics to account details.

February 2017

evrythng-marvell-sdk v2.4 - 13/2/17

  • Update to evrythng-c-library v1.2.
  • Changed demo app to use json_parse_start/stop API calls.
  • Added ability to apply user provided patches to Marvell SDK.

evrythng-freertos-sdk/evrythng-broadcom-sdk v1.0 - 13/2/17

  • Update to evrythng-c-library v1.2.

evrythng-c-library v1.2 - 13/2/17

  • Added new root certificate.
  • Removed unused parts of embedded mqtt library.
  • Error handling fixes.

Dashboard v1.9.0 - 10/2/17

  • Improved UI for dashboard customization with sections.
  • Upgrade to Angular 1.6.
  • Fix XSS vulnerability when redirecting from login.

January 2017

evrythng.js/evrythng-extended.js v4.3.0 - 30/1/17

  • Add File resource to Operator scope.

Identifier Recognition - 12/1/17

  • New /identifications endpoint. Experimental support for OCR.
  • Do not show redirection if the associated thng/product is not visible.

evrythng-scan.js v2.0.0 - 11/1/17

Read the evrythng-scan.js v2.0 migration guide for complete information on this update.

  • implicitScans are not created automatically when scanning an image.
  • type, timeout, threshold, redirect, createScanAction and spinner options have been removed. See for more information on how to use custom spinner.
  • Add new filter, debug, perPage options.
  • The identify() method is now available on the app and allows the user to get Thng/product information associated with provided value.
  • The redirect() method is now available to redirect to the URL provided.

evrythng.js/evrythng-extended.js v4.2.0 - 10/1/17

  • Read data from any scope on creation via $init.

evrythng-hub.js v2.0.0 - 10/1/17

  • The hubId, httpApiUrl, wsApiUrl, mqttApiUrl and secure options have been removed. This information is now automatically setup when configuring the targetHub property.

evrythng-ws.js v2.1.0 - 10/1/7

  • Allow to pass connectOptions to the subscribe and publish methods
    to override resource authentication/URL.
  • Correct handling of empty subscriptions map.

Dashboard v1.8.0 - 3/1/17

  • Fix XSS vulnerabilities.