This page sets out the procedures and definitions we use when deprecating an API, feature, or SDK related to the EVRYTHNG Platform that might be in use by developers. When we release a new version of a feature, we might mark older versions as deprecated, especially when they have been replaced by new versions.

Deprecations are always announced through the channels listed below as far in advance as practicable. If appropriate, migration information is given to help developers who are using a deprecated feature update code for the new version. These pages are available in the Migration Guides section of the Developer Hub.

API Status

The following status labels apply to APIs, features, or SDK versions, depending on their current support status:

  • Preview - Could change anytime.
  • Stable - Fully released and stable. Won't change on short notice.
  • Deprecated - No longer supported and could be removed at an announced date. Use is discouraged.
  • Removed - Removed and no longer supported or available.


When a deprecation is announced, the details and any relevant migration information are available on the following channels:

  • The Developer Blog.
  • The @evrythngdev Twitter account.
  • The relevant feature page on the Developer Hub.
  • Enterprise customers can receive information by email to their specified EVRYTHNG contact, if applicable.

Customers using one of our service-level agreements (SLAs) can read the General section for more information.