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Welcome to the EVRYTHNG Developer Hub! Here you will find all the information you need to create your EVRYTHNG apps and integrations. We have conceptual guides, walkthroughs, and tutorials as well as a complete API reference.

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Creating Custom Widgets Walkthrough Now Available

Chris Lewis · 25 days ago

The EVRYTHNG Dashboard has quite a few options for customisation, from the account logo and high-level sections, to the layout of widgets on each dashboard page, and the fine-grained configuration each widget includes. But what if you need something a little more specialised? Developers have long ha...

    New GS1 Digital Link Tools Available

    Chris Lewis · about a month ago

    After the recent launch of the integration in the EVRYTHNG Platform for the GS1 Digital Link standard, we have made available some brand new tools...

      Introducing the EVRYTHNG CLI

      Chris Lewis · 3 months ago

      We have just released the first version of the EVRYTHNG CLI (Command Line Interface)! Similar to other products and systems you may already use (including Git, AWS, npm, etc.), the CLI is a tool that provides a structured, simplified interface to the API f...

        Using API Description at EVRYTHNG

        Chris Lewis · 4 months ago


        When dealing with a complex API with many different possible types of request, it can be difficult to know exactly how to interact with it. For example, what is the correct input data for a given request? What data can I expect to receive in a given response? Being certain about the...

          New Native Identifier Recognition SDKs

          Chris Lewis · 10 months ago

          We have introduced two new SDKs for performing identifier recognition in Android and iOS native applications. With these new SDKs, developers can seamlessly embed a item identification code (such as a QR code, EAN13, UPC-A, or other industry standard barcode) recognition experience into their own na...

            Reactor Walkthrough Now Available

            Chris Lewis · 11 months ago

            There is now a full walkthrough for the Reactor available in the Documentation section. The walkthrough aims to provide a good conceptual introduction to the features, use-cases, and types of events this feature supports, as well as many example implementati...

              Application User API Update

              Chris Lewis · about a year ago

              As part of ongoing security enhancements, we are updating the Application User API to introduce an additional check when updating the password field.

              Previously, a PUT /users/:evrythngUser request by (and only by) that Application User's API Key would update the password to the value include...

                KRACK WPA2 Vulnerability and EVRYTHNG

                Dominique Guinard · about a year ago

                As many of you probably heard a severe vulnerability has been discovered in WPA2. This is important as WPA2 is the most widespread WiFi security protocol and it is used by a vast majority of routers, mobile phones, computers and IoT devices to secure WiFi communication. The details of the exploit (...

                  New Time Endpoint

                  Evrythng · about a year ago

                  As you probably have read we are phasing out our support for non-TLS APIs and forcing TLS 1.1+ for all communication with the EVRYTHNG platform. This is part of our continuous improvements to ensure that we kee...

                    Reminder: Security Certificate Transition

                    Chris Lewis · about a year ago

                    On the 23rd February we announced that we would be transitioning to a new security certificate ahead of the expiry of the old one, and also to upgrade from the deprecated SHA1 scheme.

                    At this time we strongly recommended ...

                      Security Enhancement: Retiring JSONP Support

                      Chris Lewis · about a year ago

                      As part of our ongoing security improvements, we will be removing support for JSONP, in favor of the much more secure CORS technology.

                      Although JSONP support has been deprecated for at l...

                        Security Enhancements: Retiring TLS 1.0, Forcing TLS

                        Chris Lewis · about a year ago

                        As part of our continuous efforts to improve the security of our platform, we will be upgrading our TLS policies.

                        First, as of September 6st 2017, TLS 1.0 connections will no longer be accepted by our APIs (Pub/Sub and HTTP). This means clients will ideally have to support TLS 1.2 (although TLS...

                          Changes to Actions and Properties

                          Chris Lewis · about a year ago

                          We will soon be making some changes to how actions and Thng/product property histories operate. Currently, all actions and property update histories are preserved indefinitely for all Thngs/products on all accounts. This will change to introduce some sensible limits on how long these items of data w...

                            Turning a Page: Pagination is Changing

                            Chris Lewis · about a year ago

                            Pagination of EVRYTHNG resources is not as straightforward as we would like it to be. The chief reason for this is that the behavior of pagination varies in small unpredictable ways depending on the type of resource that you are paginating. For example, there are different HTTP headers or query para...

                              New LPWAN Integrations: Sigfox & Things Connected

                              Evrythng · about a year ago3 changes

                              We’re excited to announce two new integrations in the LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks). The first integration is with the leading global LPWAN: Sigfox, the other one is with the UK Things Connected LoRA network.

                              More information about these two respective integrations here:

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                              Announcing SSO Login Support for EVRYTHNG Customers

                              Perraine Bradley · about a year ago

                              We’re excited to announce that we now offer Single Sign-On (SSO) as a feature for our enterprise clients!

                              This means that your users can use your own company’s identity management system to authenticate on the EVRYTHNG platform. Users within your organisation that use the approved domains will be ...

                                New Dashboard Look and Feel

                                Chris Lewis · about a year ago

                                The Overview page of the EVRYTHNG Dashboard has received an upgrade to enable more flexible use of the high-level summary widgets displaying the projects, products, actions, and Application Users in an account. ...

                                  EVRYTHNG Platform Certificate Update

                                  Chris Lewis · about a year ago

                                  As part of normal security certificate best practices, the EVRYTHNG Platform will be transitioning to a new set of certificates well in advance of the expiry of the old one, enabling the Platform to continue to maintain high levels of security for all connecting clients sending and receiving data. T...

                                    Release of evrythng-scan.js v2.0!

                                    Chris Lewis · about a year ago

                                    We are pleased to announce the release of a new major version of the evrythng-scan.js SDK (and also the requisite updates to SCANTHNG) - v2.0. See the release notes for an overview of t...

                                      Welcome to the EVRYTHNG Developer Blog

                                      Chris Lewis · about a year ago

                                      This is the first in what will be a long series of blog posts for EVRYTHNG developers to read to get the latest news on the EVRYTHNG Platform. In the future, you can expect to find:

                                      • Release notes and changelogs
                                      • New feature announcements
                                      • Notice of breaking changes and deprecations in the SDKs ...

                                        More News

                                        Ivan Cherepanov · 2 years ago1 changes

                                        Check out the more news from the EVRYTHNG blog.

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