Account Management

The Dashboard provides the ability to switch accounts or manage your Operator account details and security features. To access these options, use the account menu by clicking the account name at the top-right of the page.


If you have access to more than one account as an Operator, these will be listed here for account switching. The remaining account management-related options are spread across three pages: User settings, Account settings, and Team settings. There are explained in more detail below.

User Settings

This page allows management of your personal details, photo, and password, as well as two-factor authentication if required. Use the pencil or lock icons to make changes. You can also update your email preferences from this page.


Account Settings

This page allows changes to higher level account properties including account information, the session timeout security measure, and access to the Operator API key. If this key is compromised (made visible in public code, for example) a new one can be generated from here using the 'Reset API key' button.


Team Settings

This page allows you to configure the available Operator roles that collaborators may be assigned, including the pages and APIs they may/may not be allowed to access. You can also view and search the list of collaborators in your team, and add new ones by either adding their existing EVRYTHNG account email address, or inviting them to the account as new users.