The EVRYTHNG Dashboard is a great tool to help you setup your projects, test them and finally visualise analytics on how users are engaging with your applications, or how your devices are performing.

By nature, the Platform is agnostic of your use-case and application business logic. We've created a library of reusable widgets with several generic metrics that we think might be useful for most applications.

Nevertheless, there may come a time when you want to see some custom metric or behaviour that we do not provide out-of-the-box. To allow even more detailed customization, you can extend the EVRYTHNG Dashboard to suit your needs with custom dashboard sections, widget layouts and configuration, and even your own from-scratch widgets with Angular components.


  • Dashboards - Create new dashboard sections in addition to the default Overview, Actions, and Users ones.
  • Reusable Widgets - Add new widgets from the library of reusable widgets.
  • Widget Configuration - Customize the widgets in existing dashboard sections.
  • Components - Create your own widgets with Angular components for use in the Dashboard.