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REST API Libraries and Wrappers

All our APIs are based on the Web of Things principles: the Web as the Application Layer of Things! This means any programming language supporting HTTP and/or WebSockets (i.e., all decent languages out there!) can talk to your Thngs. Here you'll find wrappers and libraries to make it even easier to access our API from your favourite programming environment and M2M protocol (e.g., MQTT).


  • JavaScript SDKs - SDKs for platforms written in JavaScript, such as Node and evergreen web browsers.

  • Java & Android SDKs - SDKs for Java based platforms, such as the JVM and Android.

  • C Library - Base library for embedded C-based platforms, from which other SDKs are developed.

  • Embedded C SDKs - C-based SDKs for popular IoT and embedded platforms, based on the C Library.

  • Other Community Projects - Other projects on GitHub and around the web that make it easier to integrate with the EVRYTHNG Platform.

REST API Libraries and Wrappers