The evrythng-extended.js SDK allows access to additional sections of the combined JavaScript SDK ecosystem, mainly those that concern the operation of an EVRYTHNG Platform account.


Installation is similar to the evrythng.js SDK, but the library name is evrythng-extended instead of evrythng. Including the library and initialisation is identical.


The evrythng-extended.js SDK adds two additional types of scope:

  • TrustedApp - Trusted Application API Key
  • Operator - Operator API Key

These scopes have access to most of the APIs detailed in the evrythng.js SDK reference, as well as those listed below.

Function Reference

The following APIs are also available to an instance of the Operator scope created with evrythng-extended.js.

Batches and Tasks

Scopes: Operator

.batch().create(BatchDocument);          // Create a batch
.batch().read();                         // Read all batches

.batch(id).read();                       // Read a batch
.batch(id).update();                     // Update a batch
.batch(id).delete();                     // Delete a batch

.batch(id).task().create(TaskDocument);  // Create a task on a batch
.batch(id).task().read();                // Read all tasks
.batch(id).task(id).read();              // Read a task


Scopes: Operator

.file().create(FileDocument);  // Create a file
.file().read();                // Read all files

.file(id).read();              // Read a file
.file(id).delete();            // Delete a file

Roles, Permissions, and Role Policies

Scopes: Operator

.role().create(RoleDocument);                           // Create a role
.role().read();                                         // Read all roles

.role(id).read();                                       // Read a role
.role(id).update(RoleDocument);                         // Update a role
.role(id).delete();                                     // Delete a role

.role(id).permission().read();                          // Read role permissions
.role(id).permission().update(RolePermissionDocument);  // Update role permissions

.role(id).policy().create(RolePolicyDocument);          // Create a role policy
.role(id).policy().read();                              // Read all role policies

.role(id).policy(id).read();                            // Read a role policy
.role(id).policy(id).delete();                          // Delete a role policy


Scopes: Operator

.schema().create(SchemaDocument);    // Create a schema
.schema().read();                    // Read all schemas

.schema(id).read();                  // Read a schema
.schema(id).update(SchemaDocument);  // Update a schema
.schema(id).delete();                // Delete a schema


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