New Native Identifier Recognition SDKs

We have introduced two new SDKs for performing identifier recognition in Android and iOS native applications. With these new SDKs, developers can seamlessly embed a item identification code (such as a QR code, EAN13, UPC-A, or other industry standard barcode) recognition experience into their own native branded app.

Behind the scenes, the SDKs use the identifier recognition part of our API that already provides barcode recognition from still images, but presents the experience in a more continuous way with a live viewfinder - similar to other QR code apps users may already be using. Both SDKs also contain additional functionality to enable creation of Application Users, who play important role in identifier recognition-enabled integrations with EVRYTHNG.

The key benefit of this SDK for your application users is a much better user experience - instead of having to take a single photo and submit it for identification (which could fail if the lighting or angle is poor, for example), the user will have a live view which scans in real time and notifies the user as soon as a valid tag is acquired.

You can find both the new SDKs as well as the example apps on GitHub:


Note that these SDKs are in a beta state, but please feel free to use them and let us know your feedback.