EVRYTHNG Platform Certificate Update

As part of normal security certificate best practices, the EVRYTHNG Platform will be transitioning to a new set of certificates well in advance of the expiry of the old one, enabling the Platform to continue to maintain high levels of security for all connecting clients sending and receiving data. The new certificate will also deprecate SHA1, making it stronger and more secure.

This will be a seamless process for clients with many trusted certificates in their trust store, such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones, etc. However, embedded devices with a limited number of trusted certificates might not be able to connect once the transition to the new certificate is made, unless they are updated.

We strongly recommend all devices are updated with the new certificate as soon as possible.

Get the New Certificate

You can download and begin using the new certificates right away. They can be found in a ZIP archive with a checksum for verification of the download on the Security page. Please make sure you embed all the certificates in the archive, this will ensure a smoother transition as certificates expire.

Affected Devices

Any device running software based on prior releases of the following SDKs will require recompilation with the new versions linked below:

evrythng-c-library v1.2
evrythng-marvell-sdk v2.4
evrythng-broadcom-sdk v1.0
evrythng-freertos-sdk v1.0

Devices not using an EVRYTHNG embedded SDK must be manually updated to use the new certificates.