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Announcing SSO Login Support for EVRYTHNG Customers

We’re excited to announce that we now offer Single Sign-On (SSO) as a feature for our enterprise clients!

This means that your users can use your own company’s identity management system to authenticate on the EVRYTHNG platform. Users within your organisation that use the approved domains will be able to use the EVRYTHNG Dashboard without needing to remember and control a separate set of credentials - your own company ID will be enough.

How it works

Here’s a walkthrough of how SSO works for end users:

  1. Omar is a field officer working for Luxury Brands SARL in Saudi Arabia. His email address is omar@luxurybrands.sa, and his company uses a SAML-compatible Federated Identity Provider service (such as Microsoft ADFS).
  2. Omar wants to use the EVRYTHNG platform to check for grey market products in his region.
  3. An account admin sets up an account for Omar on the platform and lets him know he has an account for his email address. SSO has been configured for all Luxury Brands domains, including luxurybrands.sa.
  4. The admin notifies Omar that his account has been created, and he can sign in using his Luxury Brand credentials - he doesn’t need to remember a separate password.
  5. Omar goes to the EVRYTHNG login page at https://dashboard.evrythng.com/login
  6. When he types in his email address, the password entry field is removed, and the “LOGIN” button is replaced by a LOGIN WITH LUXURY BRANDS button.
Login screen with SSO enabled.

Login screen with SSO enabled.

  1. Omar clicks this button, and it opens the Luxury Brands login page.
  2. As Luxury Brands is using ADFS, and his laptop is in the Luxury Brands domain, he is automatically authenticated whenever he is logged into Windows.
  3. So the Luxury Brands login page closes, and he is redirected to the EVRYTHNG dashboard, without ever having to enter a password!
  4. The next time he goes to log in, if he opts to use the browser’s built-in functionality, then his email address will be automatically filled in and he will just have to click on the LOGIN WITH LUXURY BRANDS button to go straight to the dashboard.

Benefits of SSO

There are many benefits of EVRYTHNG SSO for our enterprise clients:

  • Convenience: Your users do not have to have a separate password to access the EVRYTHNG dashboard, making logging in a simple button click.
  • Trust: We use proven, industry-standard protocols and libraries to manage SSO on our platform, so you can be sure that the authentication process is secure.
  • Control: You can authenticate your own users, and control their access to our services, from your own domain.
  • Flexibility: We can support many different authentication protocols, and you can even configure different SSO methods for different domains in your organisation.

Supported integrations

Currently, we support SAML 2.0 (a common enterprise protocol) out of the box. With minimal setup required, we can rapidly configure SSO for your SAML IdP.

We can also support other protocols, such as OAuth and OpenID Connect. Or we can work with you to integrate with your 3rd-party identity provider of choice (e.g. Facebook, Google, GitHub, Auth0, etc.) - just get in touch with us to find out more!