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Customizable Widgets

The default Overview section (as well as any custom sections you have created) of the EVRYTHNG Dashboard can be customised to your requirements. In addition to moving and resizing existing widgets, you can remove, hide, and clone new widgets.

Each reusable widget type includes some customization and filtering options, which are detailed in the Reusable Widgets section.

Widget layouts are shared

Widget configuration is shared between all Operators in an account. This means that when one Dashboard user changes a page's layout or widget configuration properties, all other users will be affected.

Reorganizing Widgets

To move or resize the widgets on the current page, click the 'Move and resize widgets' button in the toolbar at the top. Drag a widget to move it around the grid, and use the corners to resize within the grid. Once you are happy with the layout, click the tick button to save the configuration.

Customize a Widget

To customize an existing widget, use the three dot menu in the top-right corner, and choose 'Configure widget'.

From this menu you can also hide, clone, or delete the widget. Hidden widgets can be unhidden at a later time from the 'Update dashboard' dialog.

Widget Title and Description

For most of the Overview widgets, you can edit the displayed 'Title' and 'Description' fields to better suit your use-case. For example, if a Platform project is used to model a particular campaign, you could set the 'Project Details' widget name to 'Campaigns' to show all the projects as campaigns.

Widget Filters

Widgets on the Overview section that show actions performed or active products (such as the 'Interactions' or 'Active products' widgets) allow you to choose which items are shown in the widget with a filterable list input in the customisation dialog. Use the list of suggestions to narrow down the search and choose which to display.

Grouping Extra Items

For widgets where there are more than three or six categories of items (i.e: types of action) available, the 'Widget configuration' dialog gives the option to group these into an 'Other' category. All extra items beyond the initial limit will be aggregated into this entry.

Cloning Widgets

Existing widgets that can be moved and resized can also be cloned to create a new copy, instead of manually entering the component name and bundle URL each time. Simply use the three dot menu and choose 'Clone widget'. You can also take this opportunity to set the configuration of the copy.

Reusable Widgets

It is also possible to instantiate the default widgets in a custom dashboard in the usual manner. This is usually the most convenient way to create a new dashboard that uses the existing metrics, but with a different set of contexts.

For each new instance of a default widget, the 'Name' field must be one of the Angular component names in the list below, and the 'Source' must be the common Dashboard bundle resource:


Project Details - Table

Resource totals by type for the selected project, or the account if no project is selected.

Name: evtx-overview-totals
Customizable fields: Title, Description.

Actions Map - Map

Locations of actions performed.

Name: evtx-action-map
Customizable fields: Title, Description, action type filter.

Actions - List

List of recent actions performed.

Name: evtx-action-list
Customizable fields: Title, Description, action type filter, show action location.

Engagements - Bar Chart / Line Chart

Daily actions by action type.

Name: evtx-overview-engagement
Customizable fields: Title, Description, action type filter, chart type, group 'Other' category.

Interactions - Donut / Treemap

Totals of actions by action type.

Name: evtx-overview-interactions
Customizable fields: Title, Description, action type filter, chart type, group 'Other' category.

Active Products - Bar Chart / Line Chart

Totals of actions by product over time.

Name: evtx-overview-products
Customizable fields: Title, Description, product filter, chart type, group 'Other' category.

Active Products Count - Donut/Treemap

Total actions per product.

Name: evtx-product-count
Customizable fields: Title, Description, chart type, product filter, group 'Other' category.

Most Active Locations - Donut / Treemap

Totals of actions by location.

Name: evtx-overview-locations
Customizable fields: Title, Description, chart type, group 'Other' category.

User Type - Bar

Total new and returning users.

Name: evtx-overview-user-types
Customizable fields: Title, Description.

User Actions - Donut / Treemap

Total number of actions per user.

Name: evtx-overview-user-actions
Customizable fields: Title, Description.


You can also reuse the default toolbar component, which will provide a time range selection:

  • evtx-filter-toolbar
    Choose 'from' and 'to' time ranges for filtering data in other widgets.

Customizable Widgets